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Protection for you and your firm.

As a firm involved in market and opinion research, can you afford a lawsuit? In today’s litigious society, your everyday professional services could potentially land you in the middle of a lawsuit. Even if the suit is without merit or unsuccessful, the related time and costs can be devastating to a private firm. Protect yourself with the CASRO endorsed Insurance Program. 

CASRO has partnered with Hays Affinity and Lloyd’s of London, so that quality Professional Liability Insurance would be available to its members at a competitive price and include the specific coverage needs for those involved in the research industry.

The CASRO endorsed Professional Liability Insurance program, also known as Errors & Omissions, offer the advantage of a broad definition of professional services, which protects your firm from claims arising from activities such as:

  • Data collection
  • Data interpretation
  • Arithmetic & computation
  • Market research consulting
  • Internet market research

The CASRO Insurance Plan is administered by Hays Affinity, a division of Hays Companies and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

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Member Testimonials

"Our premium under CASRO's professional liability insurance is 39% less than our previous policy AND we now have better coverage. The savings from our new policy almost pays for our CASRO membership dues and makes CASRO membership that much more important to our organization. Barry Peters and the Hays staff made the switch to the new policy seamless. It's a no-brainer."


Jude Olinger
Chief Executive Officer

The Olinger Group

"The application process went smoothly and quickly, and Hays Affinity, the program’s administrators, were responsive and informative.  The PLI coverage provided under the CASRO-endorsed policy includes all of the coverage features we had under our former PLI policy, and we were able to obtain savings over the cost of our PLI renewal policy with our former provider. "

Jackie Berger, Ph.D.

President and Co-Founder


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